Services: Projects & Works

Executive engineering - Project management
We guarantee the economic and delivery management, as well as quality in the projects

delivery time control, anticipate problems, assure stages accomplishment to avoid the possible penalties due to the non-accomplishment of delivery times from the developer.
Cost control, make sure the job will be done for a value equal or less than the amount contracted. Control and follow-up of equipment orders, control and follow-up of subcontractors. Revision and reason for every invoice.

Work executive management
Work safety and health coordination
We take care of operation and maintenance

Building maintenance management

  • COMMISSIONING: Assurance of the start-up of all the installations and equipment, it includes the integrated implementation of the necessary techniques and procedures to verify, inspect and test all the operating installations and project equipment, during assembly and much before delivery, to avoid last minute surprises,such as obsolete installations, equipment which does not work, etc.
Study and management of tenders and contracts
Building refurbishing
  • Comprehensive management of refurbishing, study, analysis of the present situation, improvement proposals, surface optimization, protability analysis for change of use, suitability of the materials used.
Ebe Group
Cardenal Reig, 17 Bajos
08028 Barcelona (Spain)
[+34] 93 448 72 00

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