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The present legal notice (onwards, the "Legal Notice") regulates the use of the service of the portal of Internet (onwards, the "Web") of EBE SMART *SOLUTIONS, *SL ( onwards “EBE *GROUP”) with fiscal domicile at AVENUE CARLES *III, 84 1*r 2*n, 08028, BARCELONA with *CIF *B67082388.The use of the website implies expresses it and full acceptance of these general conditions at the version published at the moment at what the user access at this, without damage of the particular conditions that could apply at some of the concrete services of the website.*LegislacióAmb General character the relations among EBE *GROUP with the Users of his telematic services, presents at the web, find  subjected at the legislation and Spanish jurisdiction.The parts renounce expressly at the *fur that could correspond the ones and subject expressly at the Courts and BARCELONA's Tribunals to resolve any controversy that can arise at the interpretation or execution of the present contractual conditions.Content and *úsL'User stays informed, and accepts, that the access at the present web does not suppose, by no means, the onset of a commercial relation with EBE *GROUP.The titular of the web does not identify  with the opinions tipped at the same for his contributors. The Company reserves  the right to effect without prior notice the modifications that consider timely at his Web, being able to capsize, suppress or append so much the contents and services that loan  through the same like the form at which these appear presented or localised at his servers.Intellectual property and *industrialEls right of intellectual property of the content of the websites, his graphic design and codes are EBE's titularity *GROUP and, therefore, stays prohibited his reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any one other activity that can realise  with the contents of his websites or even citing the fonts, except consent in writing of EBE *GROUP. Continuums the commercial names, marks or different signs of any class contained at the websites of the Company are property of his owners and are protected by law.It is absolutely prohibited, the use of the website or of any of his elements with commercial or illicit purposes.EBE *GROUP will not assume any derivative responsibility of the use for third of the content of the website and will be able to exercise all the civil or penal actions that correspond him at case of infraction of these royalties for part of the user.Links (Links)The presence of links (links) at EBE's  websites *GROUP has purpose merely informative and at any case supposes suggestion, invitation or recommendation on these.Confidentiality and Protection of *DadesA effect of what foresees  at *RGPD of April 27, 2016, EBE *GROUP informs the User of the existence of a treatment automated of data of personal character created by and for EBE *GROUP and under his responsibility, with the purpose to realise the maintenance and management of the relation with the User, as well as the *labors of information. At the moment of the acceptance of the present general conditions, EBE *GROUP will require of the User the collection of some indispensable data for the provision of his services.Registry of files and *formularisL'*emplenament of the form of registry is obligatory to access and enjoy of determinate services offered at the web. The not facilitating the personal data solicited or the not accepting the political present of protection of data supposes the impossibility to subscribe , register or take part at any one of the promotions at which solicit  data personal character.At effect of what foresees  at *RGPD of April 27, 2016, inform it that the personal data that obtain  as a consequence of his registry as a User, will be incorporated at a file EBE's titularity *GROUP with *C.And*F 38860679*V and fiscal domicile at AVENUE CARLES *III, 84 1*r 2*n, 08028, BARCELONA, having implemented the measures of security established at the Real decree 1720/2007, of 11 of June.Accuracy and veracity of the data *facilitadesL'User is the only manager of the veracity and correction of the data included, exonerating EBE *GROUP of any responsibility on this motif. The users guarantee and respond, in any case, of the accuracy, force and authenticity of the personal data facilitated, and engage  at maintaining them duly updated. The user accepts to provide complete and correct information at the form of registry or subscription. EBE *GROUP does not respond of the veracity of the informations that are not of own elaboration and of which signify  another font, thus neither assumes any responsibility regarding hypothetical damages that could originate for the use of this information.  EBE *GROUP reserves  the right at updating, modify or delete the information contained at his websites being able to even limit or not permitting the access at this information. It exonerates  at EBE *GROUP of responsibility in front of any harm or damage that could suffer the User as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions, at the information facilitated by EBE *GROUP always that it proceed of extraneous fonts at EBE *GROUP.*CookiesEl Place #WWW.EBEGROUP.NET utilises *cookies, considering such physical files of information billeted at the own terminal of the user and serve to facilitate the navigation of the user for the portal. Anyway, the user has the possibility to configure the browser in such a way that it impede the installation of these archives.They collect  Personal Data for the following purposes and utilising the following services: *EstadístiquesEls services contained at this section permit at the Titular *monitorar and analyse the trance web and can being utilised to track the behaviour of the User.Google *Analytics (Google Inc.)Google *Analytics is a service of analysis web loaned by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilises the Data collected to track and examine the use of this App, to prepare reports of his activities and share them with other services of Google.Google can utilise the Data collected to contextualise and customise the adverts of his own mesh of advertising.Personal data collected: Cookie and Data of Use.Place of treatment: the Political – USA of privacy –*Opt *OutProtecció Against *SPAMAquest type of services analyse the trance of this App, that potentially contains Personal Data of the User, with the purpose to filter the trance, messages and content that recognises  like *SPAM.Google *reCAPTCHA (Google Inc.)Google *reCAPTCHA is a service of protection against *SPAM loaned by Google *Inc.The use of *reCAPTCHA is subject at the politics of privacy and at the terms of use of Google.Personal data collected: Cookie and Data of Use.Place of treatment: the Political – USA of *privacitatFinalitatsLes EBE's purposes *GROUP are the maintenance and management of the relation with the User, as well as the *labors of information, already was general, commercial or others.Minor of *edatEn the supposition that some of our services go directed specifically at minors of age, EBE *GROUP will solicit the parents's  compliance or headmasters for the collection of the personal data or, if *escau, for the treatment automated of the data.Cession of data at *tercersEBE *GROUP will not realise cession of data of the users at third.Exercise of royalties of access, rectification, cancellation and *oposicióPodrà direct his communications and exercise the royalties of access, rectification, suppression, limitation, portability and opposition at the address of Internet at #WWW.EBEGROUP.NET or for ordinary post directed at EBE *GROUP, *Ref. *RGPD, at *C/ CARDENAL REIG, 17, BASSES, 08028, BARCELONA To exert these royalties is necessary that you accredit his personality in front of EBE *GROUP mediating the sending of photocopy of National Document of Identity or any one other valid mode at Right.Measures of *seguretatEBE *GROUP   has adopted the levels of security of protection of the Personal Data legally required, and procure to install those other modes and additional technical measures at his scope to eschew the loss, poorly use, alteration, unauthorized access and robbery of the Personal Data facilitated at EBE *GROUP will not be responsible of possible harms or damages that could derive  of interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephonic failures or disconnections at the operative operation of this electronic system, motivated by extraneous causes at EBE *GROUP; of delays or blockades at the use of the present electronic system caused by deficiencies or *sobrecàrregues of telephonic lines or *sobrecàrregues at the Centre of *Procesaments of data, at the system of Internet or at other electronic systems, as well as of harms that can being caused by third persons by means of *intromissions illegitimate out of EBE's  control *GROUP. This, nevertheless, the User has to conscious being that the measures of security at Internet are not *inexpugnables.Acceptance and *consentimentL'user declares to have been informed of the conditions on protection of personal data, accepting and consenting the treatment automated of the same for EBE's part *GROUP, at the form and for the purposes signified at the Political present of Protection of Personal Data. Some services loaned at the Portal can contain particular conditions with specific foresights at matter of protection of Personal Data

Ebe Group
Cardenal Reig, 17 Bajos
08028 Barcelona (Spain)
[+34] 93 448 72 00

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