EBE Group : Nos clients

Company intended to contribute to the development of air transport in Spain and to ensure air traffic safely, smoothly, effectively and economically, providing a service quality commensurated with the demand of customers and users, as part of overall transport policy of the Government with the objective of managing the civil airports of general interest and the facilities and support networks to air navigation. The public business entity Aena is legally separated and independent from the state, legal capacity, public and private, and equity capital. Also, under the Ministry of Development, which, in accordance with the mandate established by the Government, will set its guidelines for action, approve the annual plan objectives, and monitor their activity and exercise, without prejudice to other powers, control effectiveness, according to the regulations in force.

Ebe Group
Cardenal Reig, 17 Bajos
08028 Barcelona (Spain)
[+34] 93 448 72 00

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